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Q: My family has a history of Jaundice. I am 27 year old male from London. As Prevention is better than cure. What should i do?

Jaundice - Herbal supplement is UDARAMRIT vati (support Liver & Gastric disorder)
Dosage after breakfast or lunch with luke warm water 1 to 2 tablet twice per day.

Q: What is a Yog Camp?

Q: hello I have acidity problem since long. i am follower of Swamiji. I am 48 years old from Bristol. I do Pranayam and Kapalbhaati everyday. Please advice me on acidity.

For Acidity - Herbal supplement you can take are Gashar Churna-(Ingredients are Ajvayan, Kali mirch, kala namak, Harad, Jeera & Hing) ,
Amla Churna ,
Udaramrita vati ,
Avipattikar Churn-(Ingredients are Saunth , Pipal, Kali mirch, Chotey elaceda, Hardh, Behada Amla & Tejpatai)
Dosage taken after meal to reduce acidity.

Q: How do I become a Member of Patanjali Yog Peeth India?

A: Read this


Q: Are the Yog workshops suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, pregnant women may attend the workshops. Please read the 'Disclaimer' page on this web site carefully. Those that have watched Swamiji's workshops on TV will know that he frequently mentions the do's and don't's of Yog asanas and pranayam for pregnant women: kapal-bhati, bahya pranayam, and agnisaar kriya for example, should NOT be attempted. Most asanas should be avoided in favour of light, stretch exercises. Pranayam attempted should be done lightly and without any strain whatsoever. The workshops are for toning the body, mind and soul. There will be enough of the latter to compensate for the physical restrictions.
As always, it's best to first take advise from your GP, then to approach a Yog Teacher practitioner to help with yog/pranayam techniques.

Q: What is the best way to communicate with Patanjali Yog Peeth (India)?

Due to the large volume of letters received by Patanjali Yog Peeth (India), it is not always possible to reply to these promptly. For a speedier response, the following email and telephone contact details should be used for follow-up on open queries and issues:
Telephone :
+91 (0)11-41555000;
+91 (0)1334-240008;
+91 (0) 01334 -244107,
+91 (0) 1334 -246737

Fax :
+91 (0) 1334-244805;
+91 (0) 1334-24066 

Email :
Web site :

Q: I'm a Member but don't receive Yog Sandesh. Why?

Yog Sandesh is dispatched free of cost to Founder, Patron and Life Members. There have been some administration hiccups and these had mostly been resolved in November 2006 . Members should be receiving their monthly copy at their UK home address. Should you still be having problems in receiving your copy of YS, please send an email to giving full details of you name, address, type of membership and [if possible] quote a receipt number. For non-member subscription to Yog Sandesh, please send an email to or complete the query form on the 'Contact Us' page on this web site.
Soon you will be able to download the newsletter from this website directly.

Q: Hello I am 19 years old having acne problem. i have tried all sorts of cream available in the markeT. Can you please advise me something?

Acne & Skin problem- Why not try more natural products & Herbal supplement are:- Kayakalp Vati , Neem Vati , Kishor Guggulu , Arogyawardhini .
Keep away from chemical product eg. Toothpest ,Shampoo ,Face & Body Cream & food. So why not try Divya Dant Kanti Herbal Toothpaste ,Kanti Lep (face mask) ,Kesh Ksanti herbal shampoo and cleanser.

Q: Hello My husband has got toothache, also he complains at times about bleeding gums. i have tried all kind of toothpaste but still the problems persists. can you please advise on this.

The toothpaste and powder available in market have chemicals involved.
Try to use more Natural products like dant kanti toothpatse and Dant kanti Manjan

For Strong, White, Healthy Teeth and Gums.

A unique formulation of natural ingredients that provide complete and lasting protection to your gums and teeth. Neem fights germs. Useful in Gingivitis, Toothache, Bad Breath & Spongy bleeding Gums.
It freshens your breath and maintains oral hygiene and mixed with water can be used as a mouthwash.
Soft bristles will clean your teeth without harming the gums.
Rock salt
Toothache tree
Black salt
Long pepper

Q: How do I find out about yog/pranayam classes in my local area?

Please click below
and locate your nearest area. 
You can also get more information on coordinators for your local area by emailing



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