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What is Yog and Pranayam ?

The nature is made of different elements, which produce new substances with the action and reaction of one  another.  When there is some kind of imbalance or opposition in their functioning and work then the nature brings back its balance, if the nature is allowed to do its work according to its style then there will no imbalance in the environment. This is the best arrangement, which is the quality of the nature.

Yoga cures the person as per the principles of the nature, But yoga has to face many obstacles, which if avoided can give instant results. If the person has to follow too many principles then the life become complex. Simple, natural and easy life style proves to be beneficial. Proper diet, sleep, labor and other things should not be neglected. We should come out of the world of pretence, aspirations, desires and do not show any kind of laziness in the practice of yoga, it should become a daily routine and propagated in the same manner. We should also stop thinking that we know everything; otherwise pride can be the biggest obstacle in the path of achieving good health.

Yoga is the method of attaining spiritual riches and superiority. This brings good changes in die life of a person. Yoga devotion begins with the body and body is the basis for all the activities of the world. Hence it is necessary to keep it healthy and fit. The muscles become healthy, blood circulation improves, oxygen is used in more quantity, this purifies the blood, the polluted substances are evacuated through sweat and the body becomes light.
Yogic actions are more beneficial. Yogic actions are easy, which are good exercise for the body organ and removes the stiffness in the body, it refreshes the body and removes body related problems. The human body is a tool which is based on the worldly and actions of the soul, it is necessary to use it properly for the development of our selves otherwise deformity could obstruct the spiritual progress. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, therefore keep on practicing for a healthy mind and body; we should practice pranayam and yoga everyday.


Yoga is made from the word Yuj, which means the act of joining. In spiritualism this word is used to unite soul and supreme soul. The detachment of soul from the supreme soul is the cause of all problems and sinful actions, disharmony, crime, immorality, etc arise due to these. Everybody wants to live happily but due to ignorance they search for happiness in temporary things. They search for happiness in wealth, fame, respect name, woman, son, relatives, society etc. but in the end they get sorrows only. This soul is limited within the body. When it goes beyond this limit and reaches the supreme soul then it becomes separate from the body. Yoga is important from both physical and world point of view.

Yoga devotion arouses the internal powers of the person. Their arousal happens according to a specific rule and method. The person experiences sensuousness of the soul and after that he transforms this consciousness into consciousness of the world and begets salvation. This is his last achievement. The practice of yoga begins with the process of controlling the mind. Patanjali has explained this in one dictum. Yoga is controlling ail the conditions of the mind. The mind is the center of all the worldly activities of the human being and it enters the internal world from the external world. This needs awareness. Pure mind is its center; this is the main task of meditation.


Yoga asana is the best method to keep the body healthy, disease free, strung, bright and active. Yoga asanas are the exercise for the whole body; this makes the body flexible, active and fresh. This cures constipation, helps in proper blood circulation, strengthens the nerves and muscles and regular practice of the asana cures almost all types of diseases.

For example stomach diseases, gastric problem, constipation, ulcer, acidity, diabetes, seminal problem, gout, backache, pills, asthma, sleeplessness. Surya Namaskar, tadasana, Bhujangasan, Pa van muktasana, vajrasan, etc. Should be practiced regularly to cure the physical problems. They should be practiced under the guidance of a guru and should he followed strictly with proper care. The person practicing yoga asana should follow certain rules, diet, regimen, proper sleep, proper nest etc. Excess or absence is harmful as they can cause diseases.


Pranayam is equally important as yoga asanas for maintaining good health. Yoga asana purify the mind, which increases the semen and strength. Pranayam purifies the vital life source the prana. It gives additional energy to the body.

Pranayam controls the playfulness of the mind, this give physical health. Regular practice makes the mind happy. The body remains active Liin.1 Mums.' aria ikr glow increases. The person is able to control the hunger and thirst and cold and hot temperatures, this prevent any kind of discquilibria in the body. It improves the digestion, delays ageing, purifies the nerves, reduces obesity, and cures many other physical and mental diseases.

Prana governs all the functions of the body, the body is the combination of five elements and the actions of the mind, body, and brain are carried with it. The prana leaves the body at the time of death. Prana is spread in all places; the human beings use it for respiration. If the person learns the proper method of respiration then he can use the vital life source to the fullest and develop the physical, intellectual and mental capabilities, it will arouse the dormant powers of the body, which makes him efficient. In the classics prana is said to be the age. When the prana leaves the body the age ends. The prana performs all the actions in the body and in the absence it becomes inactive. The dead body also has soul but it becomes inactive and unconsciousness as prana leaves the body. The soul is related to the prana and hence it leaves the dead body and goes in search of a new body.

When the body and vital life source loses the relationship then that soul ends all this activities and reaches the supreme soul in its pure form. This is known as salvation of the soul. Through yoga devotion it is necessary to understand the science of prana. Fire element is present in the wood but it cannot come out in the absence of oxygen similarly the soul has all the powers but in the absence of prana it becomes inactive. Pranayam is the only source, with which the body can maintain all its functions.

It is a different element. Oxygen has prana element but it itself is not prana. If oxygen would have been prana then, doctors would have kept the people alive with it but this is a different element. This is beyond science. If oxygen is prana then the dead person can be made alive with it Therefore it is clear that the prana element is different from oxygen.

Prana is required to keep every cell in the body alone, the person inhales this prana from the atmosphere and reaches it to the cells; the cells are alive with this prana. Before beginning the practice of pranayam if we understand the respiration profess then we can avid several problems and get good benefits. Respiration takes the air in and circulates it to the body organs. While exhaling we breathe out the unwanted substance. These two actions the flow of prana takes place continuously in the body. When their pace is regulated, then the body mind and intelligence are in balance, this is the sign of good health, but when they are irregular, if the energy level increases in the body and sometimes it reduces this imbalances the prana and diseases are caused. Good health neguiates the pace of prana in the body in a natural manner, which is the arrangement the nature.

Generally the inhaling and exhaling takes place 15 to 17 times in a minute. In the old age it is 20 times. When the body requires additional energy then this pace increases and reduces when it is not required. The reason for change in the pace of respiration is some irregularity in the respiration process or this process is different from the natural activity. This also causes different diseases and the person does not get any permanent benefit. If the respiration process is irregular then the body temperature increases and sometimes remains low. This also is one of the reasons for diseases and it first affects the digestion process and mental balance.



Each work has to pass through these stages: ridicule, opposition, and then acceptance. Those who think ahead of their time are sure to be misunderstood ~ Swami Vivekananda

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