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01 May 2020

Online Yog classes on Zoom , Facebook

Online Yog classes on Online meeting , Facebook


Please inform us if any PYPT  teachers takes FREE Yog class on line,  so we can put on our PYPT website  Email

1.Teacher full name
3 Contact number
4.Email address
5. Day of week for Yog class
6 Time of yog class
7. Facebook/Online meeting or other platform(Zoom,JioMeet,GoogleMeet etc) and ID
Please MUTE your microphone if you attend online class.
Number of Attendees may be limited on Online meeting (first come first served), SORRY for any inconvenience.

Current online Yog classes
All times are UK time.
Daily Yog session by Sarwan Poddar 9.40am to 11.00 am on Facebook page
Daily Yog session 1 by Darshan Sohal  7.00am to 8.30 am on
Facebook page and   and
Zoom Meeting Id : 747 254 7914
Passcode: 1111
Any Yog teacher who wants to do part of the class, please let Darshan Sohal know.

Yog session 2 by Darshan Sohal  Monday to Friday17.30 to 18.30, Wednesday 17.30 to 19.00  on Facebook page and Zoom 
Somedays if there is a talk,then Yog finishes at 18.30  
Subject: Daily Yoga on Zoom

Name of teacher - Vikas Srivastava
Contact number 07931-360655
Area Reading
Days - Everyday
Timing 6:30 AM - 8 AM
Zoom. Please contact to get the link. 
Topic: BSNL Weekday Yoga by Jyoti Joshi
Time:    Monday to Friday  09:00 AM
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 445 809 4651
Password: 0128
Please find below the schedule for our online Yog classes:

Monday to Friday Morning Pranayam Class
Time: Daily 6am to 7am
Meeting ID: 994 561 222
Meeting URL:
Number of Attendees:

Monday Evening Yoga Class
Instructor: Sheelaben
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Meeting ID: 723 067 1903
Meeting URL:
Number of Attendees:

Friday Evening Yoga
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Meeting ID: 723 067 1903
Meeting URL:
Number of Attendees:

Saturday Morning Yoga Class (Adults)
Time: 8am to 10am
Meeting ID: 723 067 1903
Meeting URL:
Number of Attendees:

Saturday Morning Yoga Class (Children)
Time: 11am to 12 noon
Meeting ID: 723 067 1903
Meeting URL:
Number of Attendees:
Online Yog Classes East London
Monday to Friday  parivar yog By Dr Kapur
Monday       17.00-18.15
Tuesday      09.00-10.30
Wednesday 17.00-18.15
Thursday    10.30-12.00
Friday        10.30-12.00
Friday        17.00-18.15
Zoom ID : 6717513731 
Schedule of Parivar Yog classes this week ON ZOOM                                            Monday 6 July - 1700 BST (legs strengthening and chanting - 90 mins)
Tuesday 7 July - 0900 BST (rise and shine - 90 mins)
Wednesday 8 July - 1700 BST (vinyasa - 75 mins)
Thursday 9 July - 1030 BST (rise and shine - 90 mins)
Friday 10 July - 1030 BST (rise and shine - 90 mins)
Friday 10 July - 1700 BST (restorative - bring pillows, cushion and eye pillow - 75 mins)
And, as usual, to access the class, please click the following link in your browser 
Patanjali Croydon Area Online Yog by Bhanu Ben
Mon          08.00-09.00
Tues-Sat    07.30-09.00
Zoom ID 8953235024 Password;  yoga
Wellingborough Corby online Yog by Ashok Nathwani
Thursday /Saturday   08.00-09.00
Facebook ;  ashok.nathwani.18
+44 7958 382081: SHITAL GANDHI Bedford
On Zoom  78169025559
Password is        083963  
Monday to Friday online Yog
1) session pranayama
10.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.
2 ) session yoga
10.45 a.m. to 11.15 a.m.

Feed back from students
1.  Ushma Ben  Bolton Manchester
These are a few points I will make how I have  benefitted from the class
Yoga is to maintain your health and stay fit healthy and youthful. Ramdevji said he has been practicing it every day for past 40 years and look at his example

it has disciplined me to keep this time for myself and do it regularly
I feel energetic for rest of the day .
2: Being part of the group it motivates me to do the planned yoga asanas and pranayama properly as your guidance helps me breadth in breathout properly and your clear instructions  and guidance keeps check on us�
Online  Yoga classes conducted by Kalpana Patel & Bharat Patel.(London)

On JoiMeet every Tuesday from 10:00am to 11:30am.
Meeting ID : 676-390-9439
Password : Mind4

One to one Yoga classes on every Monday & Wednesday from 10:30am to 11:30am.



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